5 top tips for an effective application for entering a competition (and a new printable)

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5 top tips for an effective application for entering a competition

1. Read the rules

All competitions come with rules, guidelines and terms and conditions. Read them before you get started and make sure that you are eligible, can commit and are comfortable with the terms & conditions.

Only submit your application if you can actually meet the requirements.

2. Build your Portfolio of Evidence – Evidence is everything!

It is very easy to fill in an application form about how great you are and why you deserve to win the competition, but usually, you will need to back this up with evidence. Follow the guidelines closely to ensure that you are giving the evidence they are asking for.

For some competitions this might just be a case of polishing your written application. With others this might include sending physical evidence, examples of work and testimonials.Alternately, this might mean including a specific submission unique to the competition.

3. Be unique and stand out

The secret to a successful application is explaining why you are unique at this present stage in your career. Explain why you stand out from your peers and competitors. Remember it is not always about years of experience. Sometimes it can be about the unusual.

4. Keep the experience recent

Competitions and awards are usually run on an annual basis. Therefore if you applying for this year’s awards, it is likely that you will need to keep the experience and evidence both relevant and current.

5. Give yourself plenty of time

Start your application early. If you need to get testimonials or references to support your application do this as early as possible to give people time to respond (as they may not have time to respond straight-away).

To help you out with writing your own application to enter a competition we have added a new 5 page printable to our Visibility Planner Printables Collection.