If you want magic. Be magic.

People don’t identify with sales. They identify with people and interesting stories. To get them interested you need to be memorable and invest time in developing your story and your visibility to your customers.

You don’t have a ‘brand’ you should have a voice.  A voice that you need to develop and make uniquely yours.

Your voice should feature in your writing. This might be on your blog, on social media and in publications. To be unique, you should consider being more personal.  Not every interaction on social media has to be perfect. Don’t be afraid to show your imperfections.

So how can you do this?

Find some companies, brands, peers and/or competitors whose content you enjoy, read or even admire. This might be their blog content, their social media content or their general online presence such as publications and partnerships. This can then be incorporated into your own visibility strategy.

This might include things like:

  • giving advice;
  • helping people out with their problems/questions;
  • creating content on different social media platforms to create a buzz;
  • a tie-in with a world-wide trend;
  • sharing tips;
  • collaborating with other products;
  • creating a challenge;
  • featuring products / how others are using your products;
  • sharing successes both yours and your customers.

One of the key things that you probably hear over and over again is to be authentic. To be honest. To build trust.

Wherever you are visible you should also be all of these things.

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