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Visibility Tip: Invest in Brand Guidelines for Consistent Execution

Top Tip: Invest in brand guidelines for a consistent execution across all teams.

Often branding “fails” happen because of a lack of a clear guidelines, which can result in inconsistency or miscommunication among your content team. Even if it is you flying solo, keeping some guidelines/checklist handy can make keeping your brand consistent a lot easier.

Brand Guidelines are a set of standards that defines your company’s branding. Ideally they should reference your values, tone, logo usage, colours, visuals, word usage, point of view, and anything else you can think of that contributes to your brand, your values and your voice.

The guidelines will help you ensure that your published content is consistent and recognisable. Here are a collection of resources to help you create your very own brand guidelines.

  • A Complete Process for Developing a Content Style Guide [GatherContent]
  • 6 Steps to creating your Content Marketing Style Guide [CMI]
  • Creating a Brand Style Guide [PluralSight]
  • 36 Great Brand Guidelines Examples [Content Harmony]
  • Example: Mailchimp Content Style Guide [Mailchimp]



Resources: apps to boost your Instagram

Instagram. Make your Instagram feed more interesting and boost your content by trying out these apps.

Layout lets you create collages by remixing your own photos.  You instantly see your photos laid out in various combinations and can edit them and preview before posting to Instagram.

Great for “Before and After” Shots, “Behind the Scenes” and Story content and photographs from events as part of your 30 days of social.

Boomerang shoots a burst of 10 photos and turns them into a short mini-video that loops back and forth, GIF-style for more interesting content in your feed.

Great for fun story content and your personal take on trending topics as part of your 30 days of social.

Thanks to the in-app stabilization technology Hyperlapse from Instagram lets you shoot time-lapsed video to share.

Great for “Behind the Scenes” and story content and Showcasing your products in action as part of your 30 days of social.

Pre-Schedule Your Conference Tweets

Hosting your own conference? Attending an all-day conference?

Make it easier on yourself, plan ahead and pre-schedule some of your tweets or alternatively draft them in advance so they only need a quick tweak before posting on the day.

If you want to make the most of a conference by using twitter there are a number of things you can do to make sure you are prepared and make things easier on the day.

Create or find out what the Conference Hashtag is.

If you are hosting an event you will want to create an event hashtag as early as possible and use it in all your marketing activities. If you are planning your tweets for a conference you are attending you will want to check out what the “official” event hashtag is. If there isn’t one, think about what hashtags you could use on the day so make it easier for people to find you and join in the conversation.

Create a Twitter List for the Event

Create a twitter list for the event in advance of the event and add to it the official twitter accounts of organisers, sponsors, hosts and speakers as well as attendees.  In advance of the event (and during the event) add people who are using the relevant hashtag / are tweeting about the event to the list.

Engage with People Before the Event

Let people know you are going to a conference and connect with other attendees and speakers prior to the event. Strike up conversations in advance.

Download our Printable

Download our all-day conference and conference planner printables and plan/draft or schedule your tweets in advance. Remember to use the conference hashtag and tag /make reference to other attendees and speakers.

Keep the Conversation Going and Follow up After the Event

Ease the social media burden by prepping some of your follow-up in advance of the event with the rest to follow. Follow-up by thanking hosts speakers and attendees. Follow up by sharing tweets from the conferences and links to resources that speakers discussed in their talks.





Free 30 Days of Social printable now available for December

Our Free 30 Days of Social Printable is now available for our mailing list subscribers to download.

NEW PRINTABLE: Post Conference Follow-up

The latest printable that we have added to the Conference Planner offering is the Post-Conference Follow-up.

This 4-page printable can be used for either pre-scheduling / drafting your post-conference tweets in advance or can be used after the event to guide you through your post-event follow-up. The worksheet is designed to be used with twitter, but can equally apply to more general post-conference follow-up.

Download your PDF of the printable direct from our Visibility Planner Printables Collection.

NEW PRINTABLE: Plan ahead for your Conference

In addition to using our all day conference printable to pre-schedule your tweets you may also want to do your research and prep for your conference using your Conference Planner.

The printable has two sheets that you can use to keep important information such as speakers, their companies and what the tweet/hashtags they use to help keep the conversation going.

Download your PDF of the printable direct from our Visibility Planner Printables Collection.

NEW PRINTABLE: All-day Conference Planner

Download our all-day conference template and plan/draft your tweets in advance. We would recommend that you use a mix of pre-scheduled and pre-drafted tweets to make it easier for you to engage on the day.

Pre-scheduled tweets you should schedule in advance using a scheduling tool. We recommend that these tweets are generic in nature and then you do not need to worry about changing them on the day. An example might be “Looking forward to attending #conferencehashtag today – hope to see you there!”

Drafts on the other hand are tweets that you have planned and that are ready to go, but you might finese them further on the day  and tweet them “live”. For example you might prepare the tweets ready to do, but add a photograph or a quote on the day.

It can be easier/clearer to plan out these tweets on paper in advance which is why we created the all-day conference printable as part of our Visibility Planner Printables Collection.

Resources: Tools to Use to Pre-Schedule Tweets

Twitter. Free up your time by scheduling some of your twitter content. We have pulled together a list of resources you can use to pre-schedule your tweets. Most have free options.

Set yourself goals

So you want to be more visible? Think about where you want to be visible and create actionable goals to sit along side your visibility plan.

Here are some goals you might like to make your own for 2018:

  • attend [event] to meet [new client]
  • attend [event] and invite [networking contacts]
  • attend [event] to network with [sector clients]
  • speak at [event] and raise profile in relation to [work/topic]
  • write guest post/articles for [industry publication/blog]
  • post [x number] of articles on [Linkedin/company blog]

Set your goals.




Create a Conference Hashtag

A Conference Hashtag can be a great way to increase visibility. Nearly every conference these days has a hashtag, which creates a short-term community that is filled with people in your target audience. An event hashtag when used well brings together all the online discussions about your event and connects all your attendees online. A well-chosen and promoted hashtag also increases the online visibility of your event, and encourages other Twitter (and instagram) users to join the conversation.

Plan your conference hashtag in advance.

Your conference hashtag should not be an afterthought. You should plan it in advance and include it in your marketing materials (both online and offline). Start creating your buzz early.

When choosing your hashtag you should keep it short and simple but you should also try to:

  • make it unique – don’t pick something too generic or that could get confused easily with something else. Make sure you run a search on your ideas to see what comes up before making the final decision.
  • make it clear – you want people to use it and get it right so keep it clear and simple – even if it means going for a slightly longer hashtag. Make sure you try it out in advance is it easy to type?
  • make it memorable – following on from the above not only should it be clear – it should also be memorable. If it isn’t memorable people won’t remember to use it.

Finally it should go without saying run a search to check what come up and check for other ways the hashtag could be interpreted to ensure that there are no negative associations.

Top Tip: Create a strong presence with your hashtag, host a conference each year? Use the same hashtag and keep the conversation going throughout the year not just on the day.

Use your conference hashtag to market your event.

As mentioned above having a conference hashtag is a great way to market your event.

  • Before your event: Promote your hashtag and include it on all your promotional materials and communications and remind people about your hashtag.
  • During your event: Use the hashtag to create conversations on social media. Remind your speakers and visitors of the hashtag. You can also stimulate the conversation by being active on Twitter yourself. Reply, respond and retweet, to connect with your attendees.
  • After the event: The hashtag allows you to keep the conversation going after the event to continue networking with attendees and sharing photographs and information.

Top Tip: Unlike the other social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram make your posts visible to people who aren’t already in your audience, providing an opportunity for you to meet new prospects and influencers and encourage attendance at your event while also keeping those who couldn’t attend your event engaged.

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